What Sets Us Apart

Experience That Matters

Orthodontists who have achieved a significant level of experience in treating patients with the Invisalign® system and have reached the top ranking are called Top Elite VIP Providers. Dr. Noguchi has been a Top Elite VIP Provider since 2011, being one of the top 1% among 40,000 dentists in the U.S. 

Dr. Noguchi gives lectures and workshops internationally to train other orthodontists to improve their Invisalign skills.

Dr. Noguchi’s expertise with Invisalign stems from over 35 years of improving patients’ smiles with traditional braces.

Over the years, Dr. Noguchi has continuously incorporated the latest research findings and cutting- edge technological advancements in orthodontics to shorten treatment time and improve comfort for his patients, whether they choose braces or Invisalign.

We always have Time for You

We schedule 40% fewer patients in a day than the national average so that the doctor and staff can spend more time with each patient. Dr. Noguchi personally checks each active patient at each appointment.

Your Time is Most Valuable

We don’t overbook our patients so that you spend less time waiting and more time being treated by the doctor and staff. We can perform more procedures per appointment, which is why more than 95% of our patients get their braces off on time or earlier!

We Care about You

Your concerns and wishes are the central focus of everything that we do. We provide you and your family dentist with a clear explanation of your treatment plan. We give you a “care call” after every major procedure, and a “confirmation call” before your appointment.

Emergency Coverage

We have a 24-hour emergency on-call service seven days a week so that we can attend to your problems right away.

Many Treatment Options

Dr. Noguchi will explore all viable treatment options with you to meet your needs. It is completely up to you to choose either a limited scope of treatment or the most comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Treatment Financing

All treatment fees are explained clearly up front with no “hidden charges.” Many financial arrangements are available. We also fill out all insurance forms for you.

Attractive Office Environment

We have state-of-the-art facility, equipment, and sterilization, which create a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for you.

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