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Our Mission

At our orthodontic office, we are Making Beautiful Smiles for a Better Quality of Life! to achieve this goal, we commit ourselves to the following:

To provide Dedicated Service

We feel privileged to be of service to others. We are very sensitive to the needs of others, and successful in fulfilling those needs. We provide our services in a fashion that we ourselves would like to receive.

We nurture valuable Relationships

We feel honored to be trusted by patients, parents, friends and our colleagues. We are very grateful for their referrals to us. We are happy to work together in harmony, friendship and mutual benefit, so that we may form and sustain lasting relationships. We respect each other’s unique differences and inner beauty, while we continually try to encourage each other to improve our personal bests.

For a Better Quality of Life

We are committed to achieving the best possible treatment results in a timely manner with state-of-the-art orthodontic services. We are honest and fair in every financial dealing and give full value in return for what we receive. We rededicate ourselves daily to contribute synergistically for the betterment of quality of life, one smile at a time, one day at a time.

Long procedures

Throughout your orthodontic treatment, some procedures are more extensive and may take more time than others. We set aside special time during the day for you for those procedures, so that Dr. Nouguchi and the staff can provide undivided attention and care for you. While we work very hard to accommodate your scheduling needs to minimize inconvenience, you may need to miss some school or work for these important procedures.

Change of Appointments

Your scheduled appointment time has been reserved specifically for you. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, no later than 24 hours prior to your appointment. We are aware that unforeseen events sometimes require missing an appointment, and we appreciate your cooperation.


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