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Noguchi Orthodontics

5 out of 5 based on 8 user reviews.

By Danyelle S


"I love the whole Noguchi Orthodontics staff! The whole team was amazing through out the entire process. I was never afraid to ask questions and coming in every time was such a joy. I live in West Hollywood and would drive about an hour and twenty minutes to get to my appointments on time, but the drives were definitely worth it. I love my new smile, Dr. Noguchi did what other orthodontist said they couldn't!"

By Aya L.


"This office has been the best & most efficient clinic I have ever experienced. I have gone to several different medical/dental offices for myself, and for my husband & two kids. First thing is, consistently very minimal wait time (less than 5 minutes). All staff are well trained; friendly, polite & courteous, and explain things thoroughly. On top of that, I am very satisfied that Dr. Noguchi spends time to really understand my needs/concerns, and clarify all the questions I had. Understanding I would be visiting the office often over course of 10 to 14 month for my treatment, it is very important to establish this kind of trusting relationship. I feel very fortunate that I happen to go to his office. There is a reason why this office receive high rating at YELP. They are really worth all the STARS."

By Marisa T.


"When my dad and I went to my orthodontist appointment, we were greeted by a very nice couch and really nice people who welcomed us and asked my dad for tea. My x-rays were really easy. Also, Dr. Noguchi was really efficient (this my dad remarked :) ) and was quick to give us a price estimate and an overall plan of what to do next. Since it was my first time at this place, I really enjoyed how thoughtful and kind all the workers are and I'm really glad to come again in a few weeks! Definitely 5-star rating. "

By Hartini D.


"Very satisfied by Dr. Noguchi and all office staff, very professional, nice and friendly. I have been wearing braces for 6 years from my previous orthodontics and very glad that I decided to re-do my braces treatment with Dr.Noguchi. I finished my treatment with Dr.Noguchi in less than 2 years and feel so confident with my smile now. Office staff are very friendly and remember patient very well."

By Brianne T.


"I highly recommend Dr. Brian Noguchi. I and my children are very satisfied with the treatment they received. Dr. Noguchi is very knowledgeable in orthodontics. Not only is Dr. Noguchi very professional but so is his staff. It was always a pleasure going to the appointments. The doctor and his staff were friendly. We never waited long at our appointments. The appointment times were very flexible so making appointments was always easy. Both my children now have beautiful smiles. 10 stars!!"

By Michael F.


"“My kids were getting braces so I decided to get my teeth straightened as well. Dr. Noguchi and his staff are over-the-top courteous and you can set your watch by the office time. I have never had to wait even in the late afternoon with a crowded office. It is the most efficiently run office I have ever seen.
Anyway, I went through a Clear Correct (Invisalign competitor) treatment and it took 12 months to get my teeth perfectly straight again. There was no pain and insurance covered most costs. I highly recommend them."

By Alexandar D.


"First class, personal service. In the three years I was a patient at Dr. Noguchi's office, the entire staff, as well as the doctor made sure to accommodate me and my family. Whenever I had discomfort or pain or questions, Dr. Noguchi's office was there to assist me. They really make sure that you, as the patient, are comfortable and happy. It's really a team mentality, as they are with you every step of the way towards your beautiful smile. Dr. Noguchi is a top notch orthodontist, and his staff is wonderful!"

By Nozomi M.


"Dr. Noguchi and his staff are the best. So kind and really makes you feel welcome every time you walk in. Prior to coming to Dr. Noguchi, I went to an orthodontist in LA and he didn't do a good job with fixing my teeth so I came to Dr. Noguchi and I got invisalign. Gave me a good payment deal and so glad I chose him!"

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